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From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Served with soup of the day, steamed rice

And a choice of egg roll or hand roll

Vegetarian or Tofu or Chicken $10.00

Pork or Beef or Calamari $11.00

Shrimp $12.00

Salmon or Cod $13.00

Mixed Seafood $14.00

For curry dish add extra .50

Garlic Dish: garlic sauce, with broccoli, cabbage, onion and carrot

Orange Chicken: lightly breaded chicken in an orange honey glaze

Cashew Dish: cauliflower, celery, red bell and carrots in a garlic chili paste

Spicy Basil Dish: zucchini, cauliflower, bamboo, basil in a spicy chili sauce

Sweet and Sour Dish: carrots, pineapple, tomatoes, onions and red bell in a homemade sweet and sour sauce

Eggplant Dish: eggplant and zucchini stir fried in a special sauce

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables: mixed vegetables in a brown thin sauce

Praram (peanut dish): special peanut sauce served with broccoli, carrot, cabbage

Red or Green Curry: eggplant, bell, bamboo, basil, zucchini in coconut milk

Yellow Curry: potatoes, onions and carrots simmered in coconut milk

Pineapple Curry: red sauce, coconut milk, pineapple, bamboo, carrots, red bell

Mussaman Curry: peanuts, carrots, potatoes and onions

Crispy fish: breaded with apples, onions, carrot, cashews and lime juice

Artichoke Delight: mixed seafood in Panang sauce $ 15.50

Noodles and Fried Rice (steamed rice not included)

Pad Thai: thin rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, peanuts in a delicious sauce

Pad See You: wide fresh noodles with broccoli, cabbage and egg

Spicy Basil Noodles: flat fresh noodles, basil, carrots, onions, bell peppers, egg

Thai Chow Mein: egg noodles with carrots, broccoli, onions, cabbage, sprouts

Silver Noodles: bean thread noodles, mushrooms, carrots, onions, tomatoes, egg

Tropical Fried Rice: egg, pineapple, cashews, onions and curry powder

Spicy Fried Rice: egg, basil and carrots in a Thai chili sauce

Thai Fried Rice: egg, onions and tomatoes in an exclusive Thai sauce.

23. Tom Yum Fried Rice: egg, onion, mushroom, tomatoes, carrot in tom yum sauce

24. Curry Fried Rice; egg, onion, eggplant, zucchini, carrot, basil with green chili

Tom Yum Fried Noodle; egg, onion, mushroom, tomatoes, carrot and tom yum sauce

Curry Fried Noodle; egg, onion, eggplant, zucchini, carrot, basil in yellow sauce

Spicy Scale 1—10


1. Chicken Satay / Beef Satay $ 8.50// $ 9.50

Marinated chicken or beef on skewers served with peanut sauce

2. Curry Puff Chicken or Vegetables $ 8.00

Potatoes, carrots seasoned in curry powder

3. Shrimp & Pork Dumpling $ 8.50

Shrimp, Pork, chestnut, pea and carrot

4. Fried Egg Rolls $ 7.50

Crispy rolls stuffed with carrots, cabbage and bean thread noodles served with sweet and sour sauce

5. Thai Hand Rolls $ 7.50

Vegetables, tofu, grass noodle, mint in a rice paper wrap served with peanut sauce

6. Golden Bag $ 8.00

Potatoes, peas and carrots in curry powder, served with cucumber vinaigrette

7. Thai Dumpling $ 7.75

Stuffed with chicken and vegetables served with sweet and sour sauce

8. Fried Bean Cake $ 7.75

Deep fried tofu served with sweet and sour sauce sprinkled with ground peanuts

9. Cream cheese wontons $ 7.75

Wontons filled with seasoned cream cheese served with sweet and sour sauce

10. Angel Wings $ 10.50

Boneless chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken, black mushrooms, bean thread noodles served with cucumber vinaigrette

11. Crispy Calamari $ 9.50

Deep fried lightly breaded calamari served with special sauce

12. Golden Crispy Shrimp $ 10.50

Golden fried breaded shrimp served with sweet chili sauce

13. Combo Appetizer $ 14.00

Three hand rolls, three chicken satay and three egg rolls


Beef Salad $ 13.00

Sautéed lean beef with lime Thai dressing

Tuna Salad (New) $ 12.00

Mixed green seasoned in Thai sauce

Chicken or Tofu Salad $ 12.00

Bean thread noodles, mint, onion, ground peanuts seasoned with lime juice

Green Salad $ 7.50

Mixed greens with baked tofu, served with peanut sauce or lime sauce

Papaya Salad $ 8.75

Shredded green papaya, green beans, carrots seasoned with lime juice and peanuts

Larb (minced chicken or beef) $ 12.00// $13.00

Thai herbs and spices seasoned with lime juice and served over fresh lettuce

Seafood Salad $ 17.00

Mixed seafood, bean thread noodles, lemon grass and mint seasoned with lime juice


Cup Pot

Vegetarian, tofu or chicken $ 7.00 $ 12.00

Shrimp $ 8.00 $ 14.00

Mixed seafood $ 9.00 $ 17.00

Tom Yum (spicy)

Chili sauce, mushrooms, galangal, lime leaf and lime juice

Tom Kha

Coconut milk with cabbage, mushrooms, galangal, lemon grass and lime juice

Tofu Soup

Fresh tofu with mushrooms, bean thread noodles and fresh vegetables

Won Ton Soup

Chicken or shrimp with fresh vegetables

Seafood Soup

Mixed seafood with galangal, lemon grass in rich hot and sour lime broth

Noodle soup Chicken or Pork

(big flat noodle or thin noodle: $11.00, Shrimp add $3.00)

Tom Yum: Chili sauce, Thai herbs, lime juice and mushrooms

Tom Kha: Coconut milk, Thai herbs and mushrooms

Tofu Soup: Fresh Vegetables and tofu in clear soup

Dinner Entrees

(served with steamed rice, brown rice (add $1.00)


CHICKEN $ 12.00


SHRIMP $ 14.00



For curry dishes --add extra $1.00

Orange Chicken

Breaded chicken in an orange honey glaze

Garlic Dish

Cabbage, onion, carrot and broccoli in a delicious garlic sauce

Ginger Dish

Green beans and bell peppers sautéed in a ginger sauce

Cashew Dish

Cauliflower, celery, red bell, onions and cashews in a garlic chili paste

Spicy Basil Dish

Zucchini, cauliflower, red bell pepper and basil in a spicy chili sauce

Sweet and Sour Dish

Carrots, dice pineapple, tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers, all mixed in a sweet and sour magic

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

Broccoli, bell, cabbage, carrots, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, onions

Shrimp Glass Noodles p

Ginger, cilantro, celery, mushroom, carrot, onion in Thaipan sauce

Praram (peanut dish)

Favorite meat served with peanut sauce and steamed broccoli, cabbage, carrot

Eggplant Dish

Eggplant, basil and zucchini served with your favorite meat

Teriyaki Dish

Favorite meat with carrots, cabbage and broccoli in teriyaki sauce

Curry Lover (extra $1.00)

Green or Red Curry

Asian eggplant, red bell, zucchini, bamboo shoots and Thai basil

Yellow Curry (gang ka ree)

Simmered in coconut milk with potatoes, onions and carrots

Panang Curry

Red bell, carrots and flavored with kafir lime leaf

Country Style Vegetable Curry

Mixed vegetables with sweet basil simmered in a spicy Thai red sauce

Pineapple Curry

Diced pineapple, red bell, basil, carrot and bamboo in a curry red sauce

Mussaman Curry

Peanuts, potatoes, carrots and onions

Noodles and Fried Rice Dishes

(steamed rice not included)

Pad Thai

Thin rice noodles with bean sprouts, egg and sprinkled with ground peanuts

Pad See You

Flat rice noodles with broccoli, cabbage and egg

Spicy Basil Noodles

flat noodles, Thai basil, red bell, carrots, onions, eggs in a garlic sauce

Thai Chow Mein

Chow mein noodles with carrots, broccoli, bean sprouts and cabbage

Lard Nar

Gravy sauce over flat rice noodle with broccoli

Tom Yum Fried Noodle or Tom Yum Fried Rice

Flat noodles or Rice, egg, tomatoes, onion, mushroom, carrot in tom yum sauce

Curry Fried Noodle or Curry Fried Rice

Flat noodles Or Rice, egg, onion, eggplant, bell, carrot, zucchini, basil in curry sauce

Silver Noodles

Bean thread noodles with mushrooms, eggs, onions and cabbage

Tropical Fried Rice

Fresh diced pineapple, cashews, egg, onion, pea, carrot and curry powder

Spicy Fried Rice

Carrots, onions and egg with chili and Thai basil sauce

Thai Fried Rice Carrots, peas, onions, tomatoes and egg in an exclusive Thai sauce.

Pan Fried Noodle

Egg, carrot, green bean, red bell, sprout in chili sauce

Thai Pan Specials

Chicken Delight $ 15.00

Sautéed with celery, red bell and onions in a delicious curry powder sauce

Thai Pan Steak House $ 16.00

Slice marinated grilled beef served with vegetables and special dip

Seafood Delight $ 18.00

Mixed Seafood in a delicious curry powder sauce

Spicy Basil Salmon $ 17.00

Salmon with mixed vegetables in a spicy curry sauce (or regular sauce)

Steamed Salmon $ 17.00

Salmon with celery, white onion, ginger, cabbage, carrots and broccoli

Crispy Fish $ 17.00

Breaded fish with apples, carrot onions, cashews and seasoned with lime juice

Seafood Combination $ 18.00

Mixed seafood, eggplant with a touch of chili sauce and basil

Garlic Seafood $ 18.00

Combination seafood sautéed in garlic sauce

Artichoke Delight $ 18.00

Mixed seafood in Panang sauce over artichoke

Three Flavor Fish $ 17.00

Basil, pineapple, red bell, onion, carrot with three flavor sauces

Spicy Cod Fish $ 17.00

Red bell, carrot, galangal, young pepper, basil in Thai red sauce

Crab Fried Rice $ 19.00

Peas, carrots, tomatoes, onion and egg

Roasted Duck $ 19.00

Pineapple, carrots, bell, tomatoes, basils in Thai red sauce

Thai Pan Combo Meals

All combo meals $14.00 choice of chicken or tofu

(Beef add $2 .00, Shrimp add $3.00)

Combo #1: Tropical fried rice and two hand rolls

Combo #2: Pad Thai noodles and two hand rolls

Combo #3: Spicy Basil noodles and two hand rolls

Combo #4: Thai Chow Mein and two hand rolls

Thai Pan Kids Meals

(under 10 years old)

Fried Rice Chicken Bowl $ 7.75

Thai fried rice (chicken or tofu)

Chow Mein Chicken Bowl $ 7.75

Egg Noodles, broccoli, carrots (chicken or tofu)

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl $ 7.75

Served with steamed rice, cabbage, carrots and broccoli in teriyaki sauce

Orange Chicken Bowl $ 7.75

Breaded chicken in a honey glaze sauce over steamed rice

Dinner Special for Two or More

With steamed rice, and choice of green or jasmine tea (beef add $2.00)

Dinner A $ 27.50 (for two)

Egg drop soup, hand roll appetizer

Any noodle or Fried rice dish

Garlic Chicken

Dinner B $ 28.50 (for two)

Tom Yum chicken soup, hand roll appetizer

Curry dish (red, green, yellow, panang, mussaman or pineapple curry)

Orange chicken

Dinner C (Seafood lover) $ 36.00 (for two)

Combination seafood soup, hand roll appetizer

Crispy Cod or Spicy Salmon

Any noodle dish with shrimp Or Fried rice dish with shrimp


Steamed jasmine rice $ 2.50

Brown rice $ 2.75

Extra peanut sauce $ 1.50

Cucumber Vinaigrette $ 2.50

Panang or any curry sauce $ 6.00


Coconut Ice Cream $ 4.75

Honey Banana $ 5.00

Sticky Rice and Mango (seasonal) $ 7.00

Honey banana with coconut ice cream $ 8.00

Coconut Pudding (New) $ 7.00


Soda (free refills) $ 2.75

Regular iced tea (free refills) $ 2.75

Thai Iced Coffee $ 3.25

Thai Iced Tea $ 3.25

Thai Iced Coffee or Thai Iced Tea with Boba $ 3.75

Apple Juice $ 3.00

Hot Coffee $ 2.50

Hot Tea (green or jasmine) $ 2.75

Ginger Tea (decaffeinated) $ 3.00

Mineral Water $ 3.50

Bottle Water $2.25